A Lubbock County resident came home to find their family dog had a swastika spray painted on her back.

The dog, Lacy, is an older red heeler mix with nothing but love for her two-legged friends. She can be found enjoying the day out in the yard in which she lives in a rural area of Lubbock County, not too far from the city.

Lacy wouldn't hurt a human being unless she were defending another human from attack, but with her physique, she would rather spend her time being loved by and loving those who care for her.

Here's what Lacy normally looks like:

Kelly Plasker
Exclusive to 94.5 FMX (Photo: Kelly Plasker)

Understanding the type of pet that Lacy is can bring insight into how easily this incident may have occurred without her putting up a fight. She likely had no idea she was being spray painted and certainly no awareness that the image on her back is one that is indicative of hatred and bigotry.

It's likely by the hands of an ignorant juvenile that Lacy found herself walking around donning the mark of Nazis. Regardless of who did this, anyone who thinks 'it's ok, it’s just a swastika. It's just a dog' needs a reminder that these symbols of hate have no place in civilized communities, let alone displayed as graffiti on an animal.

Freedom of speech and expression can be abused, and the spray painted marking on a local family pet is a great example. Around here we also have a strong belief in our freedom of speech and will scream loudly about this sort of ignorance when we see it. Otherwise, it will happen again until some idiot messes with the wrong dog.

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