In a case of life imitating ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’  a man who runs a parking lot in Florida was caught on hidden camera joyriding in a convertible sports car which had been left in his care.

Jamie Nieves’s lot in Cocoa Beach stores cars for customers who have come to the city to embark on a cruise. He has long been suspected of taking some of the choicer automobiles out for a spin. So the folks at ‘Good Morning America’ set up a sting involving a $60K 2012 Corvette rigged with a GPS system.

Once the corvette is dropped off it takes Nieves six hours to get behind the wheel and start driving it around town. And where does he take it? Well, to Applebees of course. Playa! He also takes pictures of the $60,000 automobile parked in front of his home.

Which begs the question, does the old “hey baby, do you want to see a picture of my ride” line actually work? We would say no, but then again, we haven’t dated anyone from Applebees in a while.

This makes us very nervous. We are going to be very careful about where we park our ride from now on. We don’t want some valet rolling down all the windows, gunning it on the highway and joyriding in our 93′ Ford Tempo. It would break our hearts because we don’t even know how to get it over 50 mph.

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