One woman's LP&L horror story actually had a happy ending for once. Oh boy!

We've written so many articles about Lubbock Power & Light/City of Lubbock Utilities dropping the ball left, right and center over the years. They seem to utterly disappoint the entire city of Lubbock every single chance they get. I'm thrilled today to present to you a time in which the most hated company in town did the right thing...for once.


Bills have been skyrocketing all over Lubbock after the recent winter weather we had so it's refreshing to read that this person's bill was a mistake on LP&L's part that they actually seem to be taking responsibility for. Sometimes an astronomical bill like the one you see mentioned above is truly a big mistake on the part of the utility company.

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Unfortunately, this has not been the case for countless other errors customers have claimed to have had over the years. I know firsthand just how terrible it is dealing with (specifically) LP&L's customer service department. It's an absolute nightmare.

One time I argued over an insanely high bill with them for hours until I finally just agreed to pay it, only to later learn that they had charged me for my house and the neighbor's house. How does that even happen? I really lucked out when they finally admitted what had happened, but the fact that it happened at all was rather concerning.

I'd ask any readers that have seen crazy increases in their utility bills to please contact 94.5 FMX and tell us what happened to you. Sometimes a little bit of bad press can go a long way. I can only hope that they actually fix what they say they will fix for her, but I don't have a ton of faith in them if that isn't apparent.

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