The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is still huge, because every time one person does it, they nominate three MORE.

So if you haven't been challenged yet, it's probably just a matter of time. Here are five tips to make sure you don't mess it up or hurt yourself, like a lot of people have done.

1.  Don't have someone dump the water from a balcony.They'll end up dropping the whole BUCKET by mistake. It's a miracle no one's been seriously injured yet.

2.  Don't do it somewhere slippery. Outside on the grass is perfect. In the shower or in the kitchen is NOT.

3.  Don't use too much water. Remember, you have to be able to lift it over your head.  But also don't be the lame person who just dumps a GLASS of ice water on their head.

4.  Be upbeat about it. In half of the videos you see, the people have ZERO energy. But it makes for a much better video if you act EXCITED about doing it.

5.  Make it quick. Don't spend two minutes talking. People just skip through that part of the video anyway. Unless you're doing something REALLY creative, you should be able to nominate people AND dump the water on yourself in about 20 seconds.

(By the way, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has now raised over $31 MILLION to fight ALS, including $8.6 million this past Tuesday ALONE.)

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