It was March five years ago that Lubbock became "Jimmy Kimmel" level famous for totally the wrong reason.

We were purportedly the city "least interested in sex," which begs the question: How are people getting the so-called Raider Rash then? By vigorous hand-holding?

Kimmel made a hilarious bit out of it, as seen here:

This was so funny to me at the time that I named a faux building in Nightmare On 19th Street's Skullick (now The Wastelands) The Naughty Saddle in homage to our newfound fame. It still has that painted on its sign, which makes me laugh.

There's an even better and more interesting connection between this sketch and Lubbock which you can read about in Awesome 98 deejay Heathen's original article, written right after the airing of that Kimmel episode.

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