Ty Bean from Hobbs, New Mexico posted on his Facebook page about his Ford truck being broken into here in Lubbock. He showed what the thieves did to get into his truck. There are also a few things they did specifically to his truck that might help other Ford owners.

This video was filmed in the Hooter's parking lot at Slide and The Loop. He had all of his Christmas presents stolen, according to the video, and he warns that the Embassy Suites, where his truck was broken into, does not have security cameras.

Sorry for your loss on the presents Ty. It's a horrible thing that horrible people have done to you. I hope the police catch the jerk or jerks who robbed from your family. Thankfully, you guys are OK and I hope this hasn't ruined your holiday.

If you read the comments on his post below, there's been a rash of Fords broken into on the West side of that hotel. Hopefully, the hotel is at least warning guests about this problem since so many people drive Ford trucks in our area.

Watch this video to learn a few things you might not have thought about in case your vehicle is broken into:


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