If you have around 45 minutes to spare, this interview between A.J. Hawk and Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury is a must-watch.

I've always been impressed with Coach Kingsbury's one-on-one interviews. Kingsbury is generally very open to questions and answers anything that comes his way that doesn't affect his team on the field in any direct way.

Hawk's interview, though, goes beyond what I've heard from Kingsbury and contains a transparency that is generally lacking from coaches in college football -- or football in general.

Kingsbury goes in-depth on recruiting, his playing career, Mike Leach and much more in this HawkCast.

Hawk and Kingsbury never crossed paths in the NFL as teammates, but they played against each other in the Texas Tech coach's senior year when Hawk was at Ohio State.

Hawk dug into Kingsbury being the playcaller and asked him if his duties took away from his head coaching duties and how the emotion of the game has affected Kingsbury's playcalling in the past.

There are a ton of great quotes in this interview, including Kliff justifying himself being the head coach/playcaller by saying, "we're pretty good on offense."

Starting at around the 9-minute mark, Hawk dives into coaching psychology and how Kingsbury handles his staff. He applauds the head coaches he coached under and says he tries to emulate them in his day to day operations.

Hawk and Kingsbury also dive into his "creative control" of the Texas Tech uniforms, connecting the uniforms to recruiting and his existing players.


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