If there's any doubt in your mind how mean kids can be, check out a new video on YouTube where a group of kids in Rochester, New York bully an elderly bus monitor.  They taunted her and made fun of her weight until she CRIED.

They said a bunch of other stuff too, including threatening to STAB her.  One girl told her, quote, "You don't have a family, because they all KILLED THEMSELVES."  And it's not clear if they knew this or not, but one of her kids DID commit suicide.

The video is ten minutes long, and the whole thing is outrageous.  The bus monitor's name is Karen Klein, and the good news is, someone started raising money on the website IndieGoGo.com to send her on the, quote, "vacation of a lifetime."

And it'll be a pretty sweet vacation, because they've already raised over $100,000!

She says "I'm crying" at 1:30, and the suicide line is at the very end:

WARNING: This video includes a TON of profanity, including the F-word.

Read some of the awful things they said to her here.  And here's an interview she did about it with a local news station.

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