I know a lot of folks in Texas and right here in Lubbock who love to take cruises. My mother and aunt are two of them.

Did you get a robocall in the past telling you that “YOU WON A FREE CRUISE!!!”

Well, if you did, you might have some cash coming thanks to a class-action settlement.

According to our BFFs at The Consumerist, Resort Marketing Group was contacting consumers telling them that they had won a free cruise, which of course they didn’t. The group was found to have violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act regarding robocalls.

Eligible claims will receive up to $300 for each marketing call made to their home or cell phone by Resort Marketing Group, but there’s a limit: The maximum number of calls a class member can recover is three per phone number, meaning the most any one person could receive is up to $900.

If you received a robocall about winning a cruise between 2009 and 2014, you can go to rmgtcpasettlemnt.com and see if you're part of the settlement.

My mother and aunt were both eligible. We shall see how much they get back.

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