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Life on the South Plains can become unbearable thanks to the heat by the time Labor Day rolls around. Most people have made at least one complaint about the excessive heat and endless dry days.

Often forgetting the potential for winter weather possibilities, residents in and around Lubbock can't wait for the transition from summer straight into winter. We all know that fall-like weather rarely lasts more than a week before frigid temperatures arrive. And if any moisture is available, it can get awfully messy in the Hub City.

If you need a time-out from the sun and heat from summer time, take a gander at these pictures to remind you of what winter weather potentially awaits.

Cool Off By Looking at Winter Weather in Lubbock

When the temperatures finally do drop low enough to create and keep snow accumulated on the ground, we'll all be ready for summer. A reminder of weeks of triple-digit temperature potential may get us through those snowed-in days.

Lubbock's Near-Historic 2015 Blizzard


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