This story might not have been on some of your radar, but it's a great lesson for everyone.

So for the sake of argument, let's say Lubbock is 250,000 people (it's a little under that). Now, let's say an artist comes to town and sells 50,000 tickets. That's one ticket for ever five people in town. Sorry, that many people aren't going to Garth concerts.

Now, of course, people are coming in from other towns, and some people will go to multiple shows. But plain math would tell you that a lot of people overbought tickets.

Thankfully, the people getting screwed the worst in this ticket buying frenzy are the ticket resellers who jumped in and bought up tickets. They were planning on selling you these tickets for hundreds of dollars, but things didn't work out that way. They overestimated the demand so badly that at one time one reseller was selling tickets for $7.90. Now, I know you think that's a typo, so let me spell it out: That's seven dollars and ninety cents.

My message to these resellers is SUCK IT. That's what they get for taking tickets out of the hands of ordinary folks. Garth Brooks priced his tickets really, really low for a man of his superstar status. He makes the same amount off a ticket he sells you for $75 that a reseller can sell for hundreds. His marketing plan and even his last-minute release of more tickets really broke it off in the resellers' rears, and for that, I say thank you, Garth!

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