Gender reveals are a lot of fun. You get your closest friends and family together to let them know if you are having a boy or a girl. You find a creative way show a blue color for a boy or a pink color for a girl. Everyone is super excited when the reveal is made. However, we've seen some of these reveals go horribly wrong. This particular reveal didn't necessarily go wrong but it didn't go right, either.

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Maggie Elkins is a food blogger from Houston. Don't go to her Instagram account, mags.eats, because you'll be instantly hungry. Her and her husband sat down in their home to learn if they were going to have a boy or a girl. It was a simple event with nothing more than a cupcake with colored beads inside that would reveal the gender.

As they were peeling back the wrapping on the cupcake, her husband picked the cupcake up and pink beads fell out of the bottom indicating they were going to have a girl. Maggie was certainly ecstatic. Just as further confirmation, she went to the official report from her doctor. That's where things took a turn.

Maggie's gender was listed on the report as was the baby's. The baker that made her cupcake read that to mean that it was a girl when in actuality, they are having a boy. It sounds from the first few words of the video that her and her husband had discussed each other's gender preference before. You can see his excitement when they find out they are actually having a boy.

Their roller coaster of emotions is documented on TikTok.

@melkins4 gender reveal gone wrong🙈 #genderrevealfail #gendereveal #genderrevealreaction #itsagirl🎀 #itsaboy💙 #babygirl #babyboy #fyp #pregnancy ♬ original sound - Maggie Elkins

@melkins4 part 2…i promise im happy it’s a boy now😂💙 #genderrevealfail #gendereveal #genderrevealreaction #itsaboy💙 #babyboy #fyp #pregnancy #babyontheway ♬ original sound - Maggie Elkins

A couple of weeks after those two videos were made, they gathered their closest friends to reveal the gender to them.

@melkins4 you are so loved already baby…💗 or 💙!!!! #genderrevealparty #baby #babyontheway #pregnancy #genderreveal #babyfever #JustDanceWithCamila #fyp ♬ original sound - Maggie Elkins

Followed by gathering the future grandparents together for a reveal.

@melkins4 when you’re having the first grandchild on both sides of the family🙈 #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant #pregnancy #babyontheway #grandparents #fyp ♬ I Get to Love You - Lyndsey Elm

Congratulations Maggie and thank you for letting us into your glass case of emotion.


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