That's right people! Exercise is for suckers. Why sweat for fitness when you can sit for fitness? With this new butt enhancing device you can sit, sit, SIT your way to a better butt today.

I love these products and commercials. Anytime anybody tries to sell you something that says you don't have to work for it, or our device makes doing something easy, you know its BS. I mean if just sitting down over and over again were enough to get in shape then most of America would be sexy as hell. We are the champions at sitting.

So when I saw this new workout "machine" I had to share it. Because its hilarious. And even funnier are the comments.

Now I don't doubt that, if used in certain ways, this specific device could have some benefit. I don't know what that benefit is though. Because there is no way sitting down onto a spring loaded seat that helps you stand back up will in any way build any muscle. Gravity will get you down and the machine pushes you back up. I don't see you doing any movement on your own.

Have a laugh today! And always remember that getting in shape and being healthy isn't as easy as people want you to believe. It takes work. Like all good things in life, if you want it you have to work for it.

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