It may be grey-sweatpants season, but non-consensual voyeurism isn't cool, so keep those eyeballs to yourself Jezebel.

Ladies, if you're looking to ogle man bods in a socially acceptable way, then "Girls Night Out" may be for you. It's a male review happening at Jake's Backroom (50th & Slide) on December 10th. The event is 21 and up. From the Facebook Event Page:

GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW is an intensely exciting Sex God, Ab Party, that will drive you absolutely the best possible way of course! These guys bring down the house with a Man-tastic Night of Fun & Excitement. Get ready for the BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER! Whether you're celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette Party, Divorce, Dirty Thirty or your Sheer Awesome Self; You will meet your party match with "GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW"!
Purchase your tickets today!

Lubbock has a really fun history of being hilariously prudish about these things, including that time the Lubbock Police arrested Chippendale dancers for, "moving in ways to arose those in the crowd" as if that wasn't what they were specifically paid to do. Should they have come to Lubbock to teach women how to crochet? I love that we used to be that town in Footloose. I don't exactly love that it only happened 15 years ago and not say, 1950.

Tickets for "Girls Night Out" are available through Eventbrite. Ticket scams are happening everywhere for all kinds of events, so be sure you get yours through the event's suggested dealer. Tickets start at $19.95, with tons of package (ha!) deals and add-ons available. Don't forget to bring some singles, too, for your tipping pleasure.

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