This Grateful Dead CD boxed set of the complete Fillmore West 1969 concerts sold for over a thousand bucks during a recent eBay auction. The operative word here is “complete” as these four concert discs, released in November of 2005 are not to be confused with the three-CD version that features the concert highlights only. This version is far more desirable to the purist and its limited availability took the bidding up to $1250.00.

These concerts were performed on four consecutive nights during the winter of 1969. The audio is spread out across ten discs and includes a bonus disc that features a 30-minute track recorded at the Fillmore East in the summer of 1968. The extra disc also includes additional songs performed at the Fillmore West in 1969 and 1970 making it, in its entirety, a nice collection of songs from the Fillmore during that era.

Only 10,000 of these boxes were produced and they were numbered as a limited edition. This featured item bares the #2458 of 10,000 making it a “collectors dream” that is destined to increase in value, according to the seller.

Let’s face it, the Grateful Dead have always been well known for their generosity in allowing fans to record their live shows, so veteran deadheads (who primarily used the cassette tape format to record) might agree that this box isn’t all that special but try telling that to the high bidder. Though it may seem like the seller really made out here, $1250.00 isn’t all that much money when you consider one is getting eleven discs in return and getting a numbered special edition. What’s your take on this auction? Who made out better, the buyer or the seller?


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