If they can keep up with demand, THIS has got to be the hot new toy of the 2013 Christmas shopping season.

Grumpy Cat 10-Inch Plush

Misery loves company. Feeling miserable and in need of a commiserating querulous cat? Grab hold of the Grumpy Cat 10-Inch Plush and you'll feel the irritability escape from you! This comfortable plush brings to life the popular Internet Grumpy Cat meme, so you can now put MSNBC's most influential cat of 2012 in your living or bedroom.

Not familiar with Grumpy Cat? You must not spend much time on the Internets. Or watch television. Or have an email account.

Grumpy Cat is a female cat and a ridiculously popular web meme. Her photo was originally posted to Reddit and went viral from there.

Just admit it. You want one, too.