Who doesn't love a good senior prank? These kids did a bunch of the classics and it looks like the school isn't laughing.

For my senior prank in high school, we did a different prank every day our final week of school. I only remember two of the days. I remember one day we showed up in t shirts and jeans (went to private school, so shirt and tie every day). Then I remembered nobody went to class after lunch on our final day. Could we have faced disciplinary actions for this? 100%, my school was cool though. It's the last week, who cares.

Over in Comfort, Texas, they're not laughing. Their group of seniors did a bunch of classic pranks. Forking the fields, this where you stick a bunch of plastic forks in the ground around the school. They placed a fake "For Sale" sign in the front of the school. They also put balloons in the school and saran wrapped some doors. All in all, some harmless pranks with no permanent damage done to the school.

Comfort High School has found out that a group of 40 students took part in the pranks. That's half of the graduating senior class. All of them have been suspended for the final two weeks of school. Parents are upset because they actually knew the pranks were going to happen.

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They really didn't think the suspension was real when their kids told them about it, they thought it was a joke. In my opinion, the school should've had a laugh when they saw it. If the kids then didn't clean up the mess, then they get suspended. The school is acting like they spray painted the walls and broke all the windows in the place.

I don't think the punishment fits the crime, but your final two weeks of senior year are not taken seriously anyway. I checked out, once I got accepted into my college. My goal was not to get in serious trouble my final few months of high school. I don't think a prank like this is serious trouble that these kids should have been worrying about.

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