This seems like a joke, but apparently it isn't. An annual study says the "hardest-working" city in America is: Washington, D.C.

That would be a HUGE accomplishment. D.C. beat all the other hardworking cities which didn't have to over-compensate for all the slackers at the Capitol who don't get anything done.

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For the study, WalletHub compared the 116 biggest cities in the U.S., using 11 key employment rates, average workweek hours, volunteer hours, percentage of unused vacation time, and average commute.

Based on that, the 10 hardest-working cities are:

  1. D.C.
  2. Irving, Texas
  3. Cheyenne, Wyoming
  4. Virginia Beach
  5. Anchorage, Alaska
  6. Norfolk, Virginia
  7. Dallas
  8. San Francisco
  9. Denver
  10. Austin, Texas.

There were NINE Texas cities in the Top 20. The other Texas cities in the Top 20 were Corpus Christi, Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington, Loredo and Garland.

The laziest city is Burlington, Vermont.

Detroit was the second-laziest, followed by Buffalo.

Interestingly, the "city that never sleeps," New York City, might be doing a little TOO MUCH partying. It's 99th out of 116.


Overall, they say the average U.S. worker puts in 1,811 hours per year. 204 hours more than the average in Japan, 279 more than the U.K., and 470 more than Germany.

But America isn't the most hard-working country. That's Colombia, where they work more than 2,400 hours per year. Mexico is second at 2,226 hours.

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