Blade Runner 2049 secrets may be kept tightly under wraps – so much so that we couldn’t spill much in our review – but there’s one very significant detail that just keeps getting better: the time Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling in the face on set. And now we have the photo to prove it.

Last year, Gosling revealed in an interview that he got a fist to the face while shooting the Denis Villeneuve movie. His costar has given his take on the incident more than one in interviews and on The Tonight Show last week. According to Ford, it was all Gosling’s fault. “His job was to be out of the range of the punch. My job was also to make sure that I pulled the punch,” Ford told GQ. Deckard did have some remorse, though, and brought Gosling a glass of Scotch to apologize.

Both Ford and Gosling stopped by The Graham Norton Show last Friday and chatted about the punch. “It’s not just a punch though,” Gosling said. “A Harrison Ford punch is a different animal all together.” Norton then shared a shot of the actual moment, and oh my, is it glorious:

Wow, where to even begin! First let’s look at the victim, a pretty faced scrunched to one side after a powerful blow from Indiana Jones himself. Gosling looks like he’s about to keel over. But Ford’s face? Now that’s a reaction even the finest trained actors couldn’t evoke. That’s the true look holy-s–t-I-just-punched-Ryan-Gosling-in-the-face-oh-god-is-that-pretty-face-OK?!?! Honestly, I don’t even care if Blade Runner 2049 is even any good; this photo alone should get an Oscar for its sheer beauty. You know what? It might even be better than the entirety of the original Blade Runner itself. (Don’t @ me.)

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters this Friday when you’ll finally be able to see one of the the 99 other punches Ford threw that didn’t hit Gosling in the kisser.

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