I guess racism is a type of disease, but we don't really think of it the same way we think of syphilis or cancer. Maybe we should.

Believe it or not, scientists at Oxford University in England believe they've discovered a drug that CURES RACISM.

For their study, they had some people take a beta blocking heart disease drug called propranolol, and gave other people a placebo. Then, they had both groups take a test that detects, quote, "subconscious racism."

The people who took the heart disease drug scored significantly LESS RACIST on the test than the people who took the placebo.

The researchers believe it's because racism is rooted in fear and anxiety. Propranolol calms people down, so by reducing their sense of fear, it also reduced their racism.

Of course, the effect is just temporary until the pill wears off. And more tests will have to happen before anti-racism pills go public.

(The Telegraph)