When I say "Hawaiian Tropic," what do you think of?  I'm guessing it's bikini models who are too hot to work at Hooters, but just a little too damaged or edgy to be Miss America.

But believe it or not, Hawaiian Tropic just announced that they're committing brand suicide and CANCELLING THEIR BIKINI PAGEANTS!!!

Danielle Duncan is the brand manager for Hawaiian Tropic. She says, quote, "The [Miss Hawaiian Tropic] bikini contest wasn't resonating with our target female consumers.

70% of the Hawaiian Tropic users are female, so the company decided to appease them by canning the contest.

Also, Hawaiian Tropic is planning to move from focusing on tanning oil to focusing on sunscreen.  And with that, this is arguably the last time any of us will ever speak of Hawaiian Tropic again.

(Yahoo Shine)

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