HEB is one of the biggest things in Texas, in both popularity and revenue. While we still don't have an HEB in Lubbock, we do have their latest Texas-based acquisition, Favor.

Favor is a delivery service that expands your options beyond the usual places, and beyond just food. Favor can bring you anything from pasta to personal care items.

Sadly, since Lubbock doesn't have an HEB, it's not yet set up for alcohol delivery.

The homepage of Favor (at the time I wrote this) defaults to restaurants, including everything from Aloha BBQ to La Madeline. However, if you search 'Walgreens,' for instance, you can get personal care items or over the counter medications delivered to your door.

After deciding on a place, Favor then displays a menu, either of food or items you might be looking for. So when I look up "Target," I can find deodorant. You never know when you might have a deodorant emergency. The website is clean and easy to navigate.

Deliveries are typically $6 plus a processing fee depending on total price of your order, then the tip, which is a minimum of $2. Favor works through an app and is entirely cashless.

I did find a code for $10 off plus free delivery on your first order that works as of the time I wrote this. Don't say I never gave you anything: KEVIB6Y

For more information on Favor, check out their FAQs.

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