Starting tomorrow (Thursday) the Coronado High School Band will start a fundraiser to help raise the money the students need for the band to operate. Bands are expensive, and musical education is so very important.

Musical education is lacking in so many schools these days, but is so much more than teaching students how to play an instrument. That's why I'm behind funding school bands all the time. And the Coronado band is also just doing a fundraiser instead of trying to sell you a bunch of candy or junk that you don't need, and most of the money will be kept by the company that runs those fundraiser campaigns. I bet you didn't know that, did you? When you buy stuff from school kids for fundraisers the schools don't get all that money, and often they only get a small percentage.

So starting Thursday let's all drop a dollar or more into the Coronado High School Band's kitty and let these kids keep playing on.

The goal is $60,000 and I know we can make this happen. And in case you want to know what kinds of fees a high school band can incur that would add up to that much money, here is just a small list of expenses these band families have to cover every year:

travel shirt, performance shirt, snacks for game and travel, travel meals, shoes, water jugs, water for games, etc... Bands buy props, pay for moving truck rentals and all sorts of other expenses that are directly related to performing at football games and out of town competitions and performances. They often hire well known directors and performers to assist in teaching both daily and for special clinics... Coronado will have around 350 students in band next year.

And if your school has a group or team that needs to do a fundraiser send us an email and let us know so we can help spread the word, and make those goals easier to hit with more people donating.

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