'Men's Health' magazine has ranked the 100 largest U.S. cities by their obsession with...let's say...'adult oriented material'.  The rankings are based on everything from the purchase of adult movies, to web searches and Cinemax subscribers. And the winning U.S. city is Orlando, Florida! It just beat out Las Vegas. On the other end, Jackson, Mississippi is at the very bottom...with Lubbock not far behind.

The list is based on the number of adult movies purchased, rented, or streamed...the number of adult stores...the rate of 'adult' web searches...and the number of homes subscribing to Cinemax, which clearly people only get for their famous 'Skinemax' offerings.

Orlando, Florida came in first.  The rest of the top five are Las Vegas, Nevada...Wilmington, Delaware...Raleigh, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the bottom of the list, Jackson, Mississippi is the least 'adult oriented' city in the U.S.

It finished just below Baton Rouge, Louisiana...Winston-Salem, North Carolina...Charleston, West Virginia...and Lubbock.


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