Fire pits are awesome in your backyard or out when you're camping. But making one is expensive and hard. And buying them costs too much...right? Wrong. Use an old washing machine tub.

A friend of mine from high school named Tim works and lives in Big Bend as a park ranger/conservationist extraordinaire type guy. And another friend of ours named Jason recently visited said park on a camping trip. So Tim lent Jason his homemade fire pit. One you can make at home yourself. And probably even for free.

Jason Frankhouser Via Facebook
Jason Frankhouser Via Facebook

You can tell that all it takes is an old washing machine drum, and boom -- you have yourself a homemade fire pit that works as good or better than anything you might spend hundreds of dollars on. And old washing machines literally litter dump sites and other places around town. You should be able to find one of these free quite easily.

I also Googled it and found a video on how to make a slightly better looking one in case you want one on a stand or something.


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