There's a new political web video that looks like an "SNL" parody, but it's not. It's for Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, and it's just his Chief of Staff, Mark Block, talking about the road ahead.

Pretty simple, but it's kind of cinematic, with nice production values. But here's the part that's got everybody talking: Forty seconds in, Block stops talking, stares into the camera, and takes a nice long drag on a cigarette. Seriously.

It's great because they hold it for like, four seconds. He takes it in, then slowly blows out the smoke. And a cheesy song called "I Am America" plays in the background. Then the screen goes black, and it cuts to an image of Cain.

This is what the kids call an 'epic fail.' So the Cain campaign has been trying to explain WHY they released a video message with such a prominent shot of a prominent staff member smoking.

Block told Fox News, "There was no subliminal message. I personally would encourage people not to smoke. It's just that I'm a smoker, and so a lot of the people on the staff said, 'Just let Block be Block.'"