The images above posted by Lubbock resident Douglas DeClerk are all too familiar in our city. It doesn't matter what part of town you are in, everyone has had a neighbor that completely neglects their lawn care in the summertime. We get spoiled with brown grass that doesn't grow during the winter, and then forget just how crazy fast the weeds sprout up in the summer. It sucks, but we gotta do better.

Lubbock gets dumped on by rainstorms, and the next thing you know your backyard is a jungle. If you let that accumulate for too long, you will really have a big mess on your hands. It appears that this neighbor has done exactly that.

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I'll admit that I have let the grass get too long at my house before, in both my front yard and my backyard. I chalk it up to being young and renting a house, not giving much thought to the homeowners around me that worked their entire lives to own the property next door. If I don't take care of my grass, I'm making their house look bad and I'm being a crappy neighbor. There's no shortage of grass-cutting services out there that can do it for you, or teenage boys looking to score extra cash.

Just a reminder to everyone: be friendly to your neighbors, and remember that the value of their property is reflected by the way yours looks. If they're cranky and pestering you to mow the lawn, it's not because they don't like you. It's because you're being disrespectful to their home, as well as yours, when you don't take proper care of it.

Don't be an ass -- mow your grass!

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