A press release ran across my screen this afternoon announcing the City of Lubbock's Water Quality Report was now available for 2020. As an avid tap water drinker that's been in Lubbock since 1993, I was intrigued.

If you've been in Lubbock most of your life like I have, there might not be a problem with the Lubbock water. I've been told by others that Lubbock's tap water is disgusting.

That's not my opinion, just something I've heard. In fact, I've heard it a lot. People in Lubbock really hate the Lubbock tap water. I've heard it described as garbage juice. Personally, I like the twang. Makes me feel at home.

According to the aforementioned press release, the Water Quality Report is produced annually. I'm sure it is, but I've never read one, which is why I was so excited to dig in to learn where the water comes from, the water treatment process, what Lubbock is doing to conserve water and more.

All of that stuff is mildly interesting, what really grabbed my eye was the claim that the report was going to tell you exactly what is in your water in Lubbock.

"The City of Lubbock's drinking water meets or exceeds all regulatory drinking water standards," said Director of Water Utilities Aubrey Spear. "We are proud to continuously deliver clean and safe drinking water to the citizens of Lubbock for their enjoyment.”

You can find the report at mylubbock.us/waterqualityreport or even request a hard copy by calling 775-2586.

If you have a weak stomach or an overactive imagination I encourage you to avoid the report. If you already hate the Lubbock water but tolerate it, you probably don't want to know there are acceptable levels of cyanide in the water from discharges related to steel, plastic and fertilizer factories. You also probably don't want to know that the nitrate in the water comes from fertilizer runoff, septic-tank leachate and sewage.


The report also covers that 46 percent of Lubbock's water comes from Roberts County Well Field, and only 35 percent comes from Lake Alan Henry and Lake Meredith.

The City of Lubbock Water Quality Report (2020)

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