When I was growing up, the Cowboys were like a religion for myself, my family and my friends. Then Tom Landry was out, they drafted a bunch of criminals and I grew to very much dislike the cowboys.

As of late, I have been a bandwagon fan of the Houston Texans. A team that brings a little class and, more importantly, exiting football back to the Lonestar State! That's why I'm happy to announce this cool promotion that they're doing...

This awesome 'TEXAN5' plate will be sold to the highest bidder at the Great Plate Auction 2013 at the Houston Auto Show at Reliant Center January 25...


You can bid on it here: www.myplates.com/auction.

The high bidder will own the plate for 10 years, with first dibs on renewing it.  That means, once it's won at auction, it could be gone forever.

Also, unlike other Texas license plates, plates sold at the Great Plate Auction are legally transferable. This means winners have the right to resell their plates to someone else, who may sell to someone else, and so on.

Proceeds from the 'TEXAN5' plate will benefit the State’s general revenue fund and the Houston Texans Foundation, which supports and administers programs in education, character development and health and fitness to empower the next generation.

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