Its not uncommon for some of us to have some jokes about having a stalker amongst our friends. Thing is, having a real stalker is not fun at all. Personally, I've never had a stalker, but I have had a fan or two get a little too aggressive. That alone is scary enough to get away from. A Houston woman was having to deal with a real life stalker with what seems like a real life threating pursuit that ended up with him getting shot.

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Monday night, June 6, around 9 p.m. at the Gateway at Ellington apartments outside of Houston, a woman's suspected stalker kicked in her apartment door. The woman did own a weapon, most likely for just this reason, and was forced to open fire on the man. She only needed one shot to kill her stalker.

The investigation is ongoing but the woman had moved to this complex specifically to get away from the man. Somehow, he was able to find out where she lived anyway.

If I had to guess, no charges will come of this. Initial evidence found significant damage to the door frame of her apartment door, most likely proving he kicked it in. The woman also had multiple witnesses in the apartment with her. The woman, nor the other people in the apartment, were harmed.

I could go into the whole "gun debate" here but I'm not going to only to say this is why you have a weapon, to protect yourself and those around you. We never want to see anyone killed, good or bad, but this particular case most likely called for it.

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