It seems like Lubbock is rapidly becoming the Convenience Store capital of the known world, with only a few chains not represented here on the South Plains (looking at you, Wawa).

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With the infusion of Circle K locations, Stripes, United Express, 7-Eleven, and even an Allsup's Market near the Tech campus,  is there any room for more grab, gas, and go spots in Lubbock?

Toot 'N Totum sure thinks so.

Toot'n Totum's Facebook
Toot'n Totum's Facebook

We've seen the signs announcing new Toot 'N Totum stores all over town, and now a flurry of construction in a few of those locations lends credence to the idea that these stores could be opening sooner, rather than later. So, just how many Toot 'N Totum stores are opening here?


According to industry publication Convenience Store News (yes, there is such a thing), it's "Lubbock or Bust", as they prepare to open as many as TWENTY new locations in this area.

As of right now, here are the locations that have been announced, with more to come.

  • 7012 Zenith St.
  • 11301 Slide Road
  • 8306 Upland Ave.
  • 5024 Milwaukee Ave.
  • 301 Milwaukee Ave.
  • 98th and Milwaukee
  • 7008 University Ave.
  • 12901 University Ave.
  • 5112 114th St.
  • 7303 82nd St.
  • 9711 U.S. Highway 87
  • 11311 Indiana Ave.
  • 4414 Woodrow Road
  • 4301 Clovis Road
  • 7201 19th St.
  • 5216 130th St.
  • 2424 34th St.
  • 2171 E. Slaton Road

They also have plans to open a store on Lubbock Highway in Lamesa.

According to CEO Andrew Mitchell, the new stores are expected to bring anywhere form 350 to 400 new jobs to the area, which is always a benefit.

The question remains, however: is this Convenience Store Overkill? (That would be a GREAT band name, by the way).

One can guess that only time will tell, but if you're like me, and love having 500 channels on cable available just because you CAN, then having yet another choice isn't such a bad thing. If anything, hopefully this may cause a bit of a price war, especially with gas. In these battles, the consumer usually wins.


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The info is based on a survey conducted by QSR and Intouch Insight.

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