Environmental Protection Agency. They value a life at $9.1 MILLION, which they cited when they were proposing more pollution restrictions. That's way up from their previous estimates a few years back, of $6.8 MILLION.

Food and Drug Administration. They say a life is worth $7.9 MILLION, and cited that when they proposed warning labels on packs of cigarettes that show shocking photos of cancer victims.

That's higher than they used to estimate too. In 2008, they estimated a life at $5 MILLION.

Transportation Department. They estimate a life at $6.1 MILLION, which they used to justify tighter vehicle safety regulations.

So…right now, the government thinks you're worth somewhere between $6.1 MILLION and $9.1 MILLION.  And, unfortunately, that's for knowledge's sake only…you can't go ahead and cash that out like a 401(k).

(New York Times)