Everyone is aware that some extremely cold temperatures are making their way across the United States and are expected to impact all of Texas. The weather is expected to be as severe as the winter storm we had back in February of 2021 which is not good at all. We have recently gone over how to keep your pets warm during a power outage but what about those pets that aren't necessarily able to make it inside your home?

Well I have years of experience raising cattle, goats, chickens, and horses, no one wants a horse in their horse trust me, so I have some tips to share.


Obviously shelter is the most important part of keeping your outdoor pets safe. Now not every shelter can be insulated but as long as it has protection from the snow, rain, and wind then you can add the extra stuff later. So that means a big shed, barn, coop, or anything that has some space.


It seems very odd that animals would want to drink water while it's cold outside but trust me they need it. One word of advice is to get a PVC plastic pipe or anything big that will fit in the water container and make sure it stands up right. The reason for this is that you will have to brave the cold and go outside to break up any ice that forms in their water; the pipes allow for an easier way to grab those chunks of ice so you don't have to stick your hands in that bone chilling water.


Food is very important. I know some people just want to stay indoors when it's cold outside but that's part of raising animals that can only live outside, you have to be responsible. That means not leaving extra food for them because you want to be cozy but going outside and giving them fresh food because you wouldn't want to eat food that's been sitting out in negative weather.


There are some extra things you can do like installing a heat lamp if you have chickens or maybe goat pens. They do sell horse blankets and fleeces that can be used for extra warmth, those can be found at Gebo's or Tractor Supply. Cows do have a tendency to huddle up and stay warm that way but they can sometimes also wear horse blankets or fleeces if you don't have a lot of cattle. Also, extra bedding is always advised so that animals are not exposed to bare floors that will absorb those harsh temperatures.

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It is always advised to keep an eye on your animals, pets, livestock or whatever you call them during extreme temperatures to help prevent any losses. As people who raise big animals it is up to us to make sure their lives are happy and that we tend to them as we would want to be treated.

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