Got a favorite Huey Lewis and the News song? Enter the title into an new online Old Spice video and this dude's hair will play it for you on a synthesizer - complete with mood lighting and a cheesy rhythm track. Yes, this dude's hair.

Old Spice has been upping the ante on weird ever since beginning its "That's the Power of Hair" campaign, illustrating in a series of goofy scenarios just what your coif is capable of when using their products. That includes hitting on pretty girls and operating carny games with expert skill.

But nothing compares to this new iteration, which finds our main character's mop playing no fewer than 29 different Huey Lewis songs by request: "When you've got good hair like this," he says, "you'd be surprised how many Huey Lewis songs it can play on the piano."

Indeed! Surrounded by assorted props like a hula girl and disco ball, the Old Spice hair then proceeds to run through solo versions of everything from 'The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll' to 'Workin for a Livin' to 'I Want a New Drug' - all by request. It's ridiculously fun.

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