There's no way that Lubbock isn't the windiest city in America. I've lost too many hats to gusts in Lubbock and have eaten too many cubic tons of dirt walking around this city for it to not be the windiest in America. I always laughed at Chicago being named the Windy City. Take away those narrow streets and tall buildings and it's the Breezy City at best.

Lubbock's generating this wind with zero friction to help it build. That's got to be added points right there. There have been collapsed buildings, trees uprooted and small children float across the horizon and people in Lubbock will say, "Kinda windy today."

It's just common. When a sporting event happens and the commentators talk about strong winds affecting the game with gusts up to 15 mph we as Lubbockites throw our heads back in laughter.

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All that being said, ALLEGEDLY, Lubbock isn't the windiest city in the US. Unfortunately, that designation goes to our northern counterpart Amarillo.

Now, I originally saw this list on out of Abilene, and I'm not saying I'm doubting its validity, but their source is Is that even a real website?

Here's the list in question:

Windiest Cities in America

  1. Amarillo, Texas (Average wind speed of 13.6 mph)
  2. Rochester, Minnesota (Average wind speed of 12.6 mph)
  3. Lubbock, Texas  (Average wind speed of 12.4 mph)
  4. Boston, Massachusetts (Average wind speed of 12.3 mph)
  5. Wichita, Kansas (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  6. Fargo, North Dakota (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  8. Corpus Christi, Texas (Average wind speed of 12 mph)
  9. Abilene, Texas (Average wind speed of 11.9 mph)
  10. Buffalo, New York (Average wind speed of 11.8 mph)

This website, which I have no doubt did more research than I have, explains Lubbock like this, "Lubbock sits on Llano Estacado, a region on the Western High Plains. A combination of its higher elevation and long stretches of flat land where wind can blow unimpeded there. Abilene sits east of these two Texas cities and experiences the same higher winds — although perhaps less intense — as Amarillo and Lubbock."

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