I do voice work all over the country and usually what happens is I get an email with script…I record the voice over and save it as an mp3 file and email the audio back to the client. Total time taken may be around 5 minutes, depending on the length of the script. My, how times have changed!

I remember when I would get a script faxed to me.  I would have to go into the studio, record the audio on analog tape; box up the tape, write an address on the box and drop it in the mail…2-3 day delivery on what I had done.

More and more technology advances, but there is something to say about the quiet solitude that the years gone buy afforded. Seems in today’s world we’re constantly interrupted by cell phones and text messaging. Go, go, go! Or rather, hurry up and wait!

And although technology has made my voice over career more accessible for my clients, it still hasn’t made getting paid any quicker

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