Today I discovered the website! The site lists 7 different ice cream flavors, and what they say about your personality. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. I think this summary is VERY accurate – dontcha think?!



  • Chocolate -  Chocolate lovers are lively, creative and dramatic. (And handsome – OK maybe I added that)
  • Vanilla – People who favor vanilla are typically risk takers who usually rely on intuition to solve a problem.
  • Strawberry – If you find yourself preferring strawberry the “Ice Cream Experts” say that you are thoughtful and logical. You likely take a long time to make decisions because you weigh your options carefully.If you made a list of pros and cons to decide upon strawberry as your favorite flavor – they pegged you!
  • Mint Chocolate Chip – People who say mint is their favorite are ambitious, confident, and skeptics.
  • Coffee – Fans of coffee flavored ice cream tend to over-commit to things, have a hard time following through, and are flirtatious.
  • Rocky Road – Lovers of rocky road are practical, outgoing, and sensitive to criticism.
  • Butter Pecan – People who like butter pecan are devoted, respectful, careful with money, and honest.



Should be a hot weekend you should treat yourself to some ice cream! I know I will.

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