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We know it keeps you up at night. Thoughts running through your head of, 'gee, what Lubbock really needs is ANOTHER strip mall. Especially in South Lubbock. There's NOTHING going by the HEB? Why can't they make that happen?'

Heading down Quaker Avenue, just past HEB and across from Walmart, you may have noticed some new construction that has popped up in the past couple of months that has taken on the familiar form of a future retail destination.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

The first thing you notice is a sign that announces that you have arrived at the Vintage Retail Center, which seems like an oxymoron as nothing in this center appears vintage. It's really shiny and really new, and we really don't have a lot of ideas regarding what retailers are about to inhabit this location.

According to a listing on Loopnet, the only announced tenants right now are 806 Fieldhouse Restaurant, which Lubbock In the Loop appears to confirm with a target opening date of simply "later this year," and a dentist's office. Everything else appears to be wide open.

Here's a graphic that explains what is already in the area so you can guesstimate the options that they might have.


So, that leads to speculation as to what could potentially go into these retail spaces.  Since 806 Fieldhouse is tucked in the back (sort of), something that would instantly appeal to a passing motorist on Quaker may be the best bet. Another restaurant? It's intriguing.

And no, don't say In-N-Out Burger. They always build their own buildings.

I'd love to see another location of World of Beer for those beer lovers in South Lubbock. Or perhaps we could combine a couple of those spaces and house some fairly well-known Lubbock-area radio stations -- just sayin'. Maybe we can do both so we can get our brew on after a successful broadcast.


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