Here's a heads up on the latest huge scam. If you get a call on your cell phone from an unknown number, and it only rings once...DON'T CALL BACK.

You might be tempted, thinking it's a fantastic job offer, a long-lost friend, a super-hot chick at the bar you once gave your number to, or Publisher's Clearing House. It's not.

Apparently, scammers in the Caribbean have a computer that calls thousands of random cell phone numbers, then disconnects after one ring. And the phone number it's coming from LOOKS local.

But if you call it back, it's secretly an international'll get charged $19.95 to make the connection, then $9-per-minute. Assuming you hang up in less than a minute, that's $28.95 extra on your next cell phone bill.

I'm not entirely clear on HOW the guys running the scam get that money, or what kind of tricks they're using to make this work...but the Better Business Bureau is on it, which gives the threat some credibility.


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