The Justice Store makeup brand Just Shine Shimmer Powder was sent by a news team in North Carolina to be tested by a lab. They found asbestos in it, among other things.
An investigative news team in Raleigh, North Carolina sent off many kids' and teens' makeup samples to be tested for unlisted chemicals. What the lab found was even more alarming than they had thought. The independent lab found four different heavy metals and asbestos as unlisted components of the young girl's makeup products.

Lubbock has two Justice stores -- one in the South Plains Mall, and one in the Canyon West Shopping Center. The Justice website has pulled the product completely, and I can only assume the stores have pulled it from the shelves. But if you have a young or teen girl in your life who wears makeup, you need to have them check and see if the Just Shine Shimmer Powder is in their collection and make sure they never use it again.

If you find this product you should contact the Justice stores to see about returning or destroying the product. Also, I would ask for a refund because asbestos.


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