A bunch of us radio people (500 total) get together every year and pick our brackets for the NCAA basketball tourney. I usually don't play. I'm just not that big of a basketball fan.

Well, this year they offered up a brand-spankin' new iPad to the winner! I pretty much HAD to play. I want an iPad sooooo bad!!!

Ok. Here's what I picked. Sorry the typing is so small. It's the only way I could post it. Just count the red teams to see how poorly I did:

Leaving me with:

As you can clearly see, I did a terrible job of picking winners:

The funniest part of all of this is that one of our business office girls is leading the pack of 500! Seriously! And she picked the winners based on how much she liked their "costumes"! Their called "uniforms" Lindsay!!!!

Man...I can't WAIT for Texas Tech football to get here!