If you haven't heard of the most recent IRS scam going around, then you need to read this story. Just a hint: The IRS does not want you to pay them in Apple gift cards.

Scumbag thieves will do literally ANYTHING to not have to work for a living. I don't get it either, because many of these scams require more work than a normal job would, and probably pay less.

But a foreign scam going around over the past few years involves people claiming to be the IRS and telling people they have 45 minutes to run to an Apple store and send them thousands of dollars in Apple gift cards or the police are on the way to arrest them.

Yes, this scam has actually worked on some poor gullible people, unfortunately. But again, the IRS will never ask to get paid in any kind of gift card, and they won't threaten you with arrest either. At least not over the phone. They just don't do that.

This Midland police officer is obviously aware of the scam and decides to have some fun with the scammers on the phone. He has WAY more patience than I would have, and somehow uses less colorful language, too.

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