During the last legislative session in Texas, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 8, the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, and Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law. But is the law constitutional? Eventually, that will be decided by the courts, but before that happens Texas Tech's School of Law will host a Point/Counterpoint Discussion on the law and they will be joined a guest.

Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes will be participating in the Point/Counterpoint Discussion on Wednesday, November 10th. Hughes will be the featured guest to discuss the bill and how it should hold up in court. He will be joined by Texas Tech School of Law professors Rick Rosen and Cassie Christopher.

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There's been a lot of attention paid to Senate Bill 8 since it was signed into law. The United States Supreme Court did not block the law from being signed into law as opponents had hoped. However, the Supreme Court last week questioned the State of Texas over how the law is enforced and who has standing to bring lawsuits.

According to the Texas Tribune, two of the conservative justices questioned the so-called loophole of enforcement:

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