There's a guy in Nashville named Rod Lambert, and he says a tape he bought ten years ago at a yard sale features an informal, lost recording of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Rod says he only realized what was on the tape two years ago, and had some forensic audio experts make sure it was legit.  But the company in charge of Elvis' catalog says while it's definitely Jerry . . . it's not Elvis.

And judging from the excerpt out there so far . . . it's hard to tell if it's them.  Especially the part that's supposed to be Elvis, it doesn't really sound like him.  According to Rod, it's 1960, they're at Jerry's house, and Elvis is just back from the army.

It's 30 minutes long, and basically Jerry expresses his admiration for Elvis, they sing, they jam, and they talk.  Supposedly Elvis doesn't say much, but the conversation covers psychiatrists, drugs, women, sex . . .  and Dick Clark.  (???)

At one point Jerry says, quote, "If you don't like Jerry's peaches, then get your (freakin'') @ss away from my tree."  (Which may not make sense, or may be a reference to oral pleasures.  Either way, it's awesome.)

You can check out the excerpt and Rod's description at his website:

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