It's funny to hear people from other countries talk about coming to America for a week or two and taking one of those fabled 'coast-to-coast road trips' they've seen on American television shows, movies, and even our music. As you and I both know, you ain't going coast-to-coast and having a fun, family trip in a week. Two is stretching it.

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I looked at the suggested route from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California and it covers over 3,200 miles and takes around 5 to 6 days of driving 10 hours per day. That's a LOT of time behind the wheel and not stopping to hit up the attractions, restaurants, museums or anything else.

That's why this post from a user from London, England on Reddit caught my eye. His trip isn't going to be 'from sea to shining sea'. but all over the Texas Hill Country and parts of New Mexico...which is still a LOT of driving!

Reddit user davedamofo posted this on the r/Texas subreddit earlier today:


There's a bunch of stuff I wanna do on this road trip, but not sure it's all possible in the time we have. If you have any advice on a way to fit it all in, or what i should ditch from the itinerary would be greatly appreciated please (I've already taken Houston off!). Not sure I've got the order right for Hill Country stops / San Antonio / Fredericksburg, so any pointers on best order to do that would be appreciated. Plus any pointers on places to eat / motels + hotels / things to do / routes / safety / things to be aware of, would also be lovely.

We are a married couple in late 30s and love music, beer, good food, beautiful scenery and films. We've been to a fair few places in USA but never been to Texas.

My absolute must-dos are Franklins and Goldees BBQ. Would love to see a sports game and live music whilst we are there too.

Here's the itinerary he's going with:


That's 15 days total.

Obviously, this is just Texas and eastern New Mexico we're talking about, but people seem to wildly misjudge the sheer size of the Lone Star State.

Do you think he can do it? How would YOU change the itinerary?

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