I feel like I just watched a scene from The Exorcist.

Just be to clear – I’m pretty sure this lady is faking it, but I’m gonna go ahead and run with it anyway. Because, who knows? Maybe she is legitimately possessed.

Video is circulating of a woman who had been detained by the Border Patrol in South Texas refusing to cooperate with Border Patrol Officers.

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When the video starts, she just looks pissed at the fact she has been taken into custody, which is par for the course. But as the video progresses, it’s obvious that something else is going on.

Her demeanor begins to change and her facial expression turns from that of anger to a blank expression when the officers tell her to put her feet in the vehicle so they can close the doors.

And then things get really interesting.

The woman gives viewers (and I’m sure the officers, as well) a jump scare worthy of some of Hollywood’s best horror movies.

She then proceeds to hiss at the officers before saying what I believe is “dead” and something else I can’t understand under her breath.

The woman follows that up with, “I don’t understand what you’re telling me.” in perfect English. Which, of course, suggests that she understands them quite well.

We never get to find out what ultimately happened since the video ends with the officers attempting to get her back in the vehicle.

But I think it’s safe to say it was interesting ride to the detention center.

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