It's a big moment at Lubbock's amazing Adventure Park. They are officially unveiling their zip line and ropes course on Monday, May 18th.

These two things definitely take adventure to the next level. It's a tremendous effort. The construction of these huge attractions was an incredible undertaking that's taken the park around a year to plan and build. But it's all finished now, and it's very exciting to see the end product in action.

The adventure definitely awaits. Their zip line has "double lines for double the fun," according to their Facebook page. That's right, not just one, but two zip lines. And the view is stunning. The free-flying feeling is without a doubt amazing. We look forward to getting out for the big day.

So if you're thinking you know what a zip line is, think again. This one is bound to be the best yet. There's only one way to find out: experience it for yourself.

Do you know what fun a ropes course can be? Have you ever taken this on before? It's pretty amazing to witness, and we've got the photo gallery (see below) to show you more. There's definitely only one way to challenge yourself at this level, and that's on the ropes.

Are you feeling pretty brave? Life been a little mundane lately? Yes, while necessary and difficult, the stay-at-home order has had us all shut down. This Adventure Park unveiling couldn't come at a better time.

Now more than ever, it feels like we need this. So it's pretty awesome to see that not only is construction complete, but they're cleared to open and we can take on a whole new kind of adventure in Lubbock, the likes of which have not been seen before in these parts.

Get ready to zip over this awesome scenic overlook, and climb those ropes across the water. How much fun is this? We're ready.

Congratulations, Adventure Park, on bringing this phenomenal adventure opportunity to Lubbock. Thank you so much for all you do.

Adventure Park is located at 5110 29th Drive in Lubbock. We'll see you there. Follow this link for more Adventure Park information.

Adventure Park Unveils New Zip Line & Ropes Course

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