Yeah, this hurts.

Ever since they opened up at 515 Broadway, as a self-proclaimed "beer nerd" I had wanted to find time to get over to Auld Brewing's Lubbock location and sample their wares. This past summer, I was able to check it out with my younger brother on my birthday and immediately dug it.

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I kept telling myself that I needed to bug out early one afternoon and head back over. Now, if I want to enjoy their taproom, I'm going to need to fill my gas tank, and head up to Borger.

As they posted on Instagram, Auld Brewing has decided to pull up planks, and close the doors on their Broadway location, choosing to focus on their original Borger taproom and brewery. The owners worked tirelessly to make this location a success, to no avail.   However, if you still want to enjoy a great Auld Brewing beer in the Hub City, all is not lost. From Instagram:

"This is not the end for Auld Brewing, just a different direction. Our system will move to our Borger location, and we will continue to make craft beer. In addition, you will still be able to get our beer in Lubbock, just look for Auld Brewing taps."

So, the good news is that you can still find Auld Brewing beers on tap throughout Lubbock, but this also means that the number of choices in what was already a bit of a craft beer wasteland has dropped.

I will make the trip up to Borger at some point to show my support once more, but we should all do what we can to keep our craft beer cred string in West Texas by visiting our great local brewers.

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And best of luck to Auld Brewing, let's hope this is just a temporary move out of the Hub City...


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