If you know anyone in the medical field then you've probably heard tales about how they get IV fluids after a long night on the town. Have you ever wished you had the same access? You do, sort of.

Getting IV fluids is the quickest way to re-hydrate yourself in every occasion. That's why doctors use it. And if you're like me then there have been a few days where you would give an arm to make yourself feel hydrated again.

At Hub City On Tap there was a blue ambulance that was giving IV fluids for a number of different reasons. IV Rejuvenation Station is an Amarillo-Lubbock based company that will go to any live event and set up to energize people. They offer IV fluids for hangovers, sporting events, jet lag, fatigue, cold and flu, migraines, sports performance, athletic recovery, and other options. check out their website to have IVRS at your next event, or after party.

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