We've all been there, we're simply checking out some everyday items in Longview, Texas or Houston or Waco when the checker or self-checkout attendant has to check our ID. We stand there with a puzzled look, and have to ask why ID is needed to buy a pack of Sharpies. Well, kids use them to get high by sniffing them so now if you're under 18, it's basically illegal to buy them without ID. Wow, just wow.

Other weird stuff has popped up recently that we need ID for -- like highlighters or fuel cleaner or, as was in my case one time, Wite-Out. And get this, some states are now requiring ID for baking soda. This is a lot to cover so let's get to it.

ID for Baking Soda?

Yes, there are select states that do require ID to purchase something as mundane and simple as baking soda. Why? Because it is used in the making of cocaine. I can't face-palm hard enough for this.

Right now, Michigan, New York, and Missouri are the only states that require ID for baking soda and keep-our-fridge-fresh products. Texas, as of right now, has no inclination to require ID for baking soda but that doesn't mean that other weird items are free from it.

Other Weird Stuff to be ID'd For

I've personally been ID'd for Sharpies, Wite-Out, fuel cleaner, and other weird stuff. I'm sure you've come across an item or two that made you raise an eyebrow about being carded for.

It started with certain allergy medications because people were using it in the making of methamphetamine. We have to show ID and then sign a document showing we purchased it for certain drugs now because of it. Even over-the-counter medications like NyQuil require an ID because there is enough alcohol to make someone intoxicated.

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I decided to go to ChatGPT to find out what other weird items require an ID in Texas. This obviously isn't all of them but you've probably had to show ID when buying any of these items.

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I decided to go to ChatGPT to find out other weird items that require an ID in Texas. This obviously isn't all of them but you've probably had to show ID when buying or participating in any of these.

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EDIT: This was originally published Dec 29, 2023